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                                                Research Student Presentation


NAME OF THE CANDIDATE               :   Mr. Vikrant Kumar Singh.


DEGREE                                                    :    Ph.D.


TITLE OF THE PRESENTATION       :   Title: Design and development of a modular  

                                                                          automated tip replacement system for Atomic

                                                                          Force Microscopes.


SUPERVISOR                                            :    Prof. G. R. Jayanth.


DATE & TIME                                          :    Wednesday, 24rd April, 2019 at 2.30pm


VENUE                                                       :    Seminar Hall, Dept. of Instrumentation &    

                                                                           Applied Physics




The Atomic Force Microscope (AFM) is designed for acquiring high-resolution images of nanometre scale features on a sample surface by employing a probe with atomically sharp tip. The probe provides an AFM the unique capability to apply and sense extremely small forces on the order of nano-newton, due to which it can also be employed in applications like force spectroscopy and molecular manipulation. However, due to the physical nature of the interaction between the tip of the AFM probe and the sample, the tip often gets blunt or contaminated thereby requiring replacement of the entire AFM probe. This talk describes the development of a modular automated AFM tip replacement system which can be retrofitted into existing commercial AFM and is capable of performing in-situ replacement of the tip of an AFM probe. The capability of in-situ tip replacement is provided by employing a wax-based bridge, which plays the role of a gripper during the tip pick-up process and grips the AFM tip firmly during the scanning of a sample. The unique ability of system to be used with commercial AFM is due to the development of a low footprint (), large range () and high resolution () levitated positioner along with measurement and control systems. The resolution of the developed in-plane and out-of-plane measurement system is 277nm and 100nm respectively.


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Date(s) - 24/04/2019
2:30 pm - 3:30 pm

Seminar Hall, Dept. of Instrumentation and Applied Physics
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