Research Student Presentation


                                Research Student Presentation


NAME OF THE CANDIDATE               :   Mr. Shirhatti Vijay Dhruva


DEGREE                                                    :    Ph.D.


TITLE OF THE PRESENTATION       :   Capacitive Sensor Technology & Developments.


SUPERVISOR                                            :    Prof. K. Rajanna.


DATE & TIME                                          :    Wednesday, 22nd  May, 2019 at 2.30pm.


VENUE                                                       :    Seminar Hall, Dept. of Instrumentation &    

                                                                           Applied Physics


       Capacitive sensors have now been used for a long time and have established themselves in various fields, like process industry, automation and electronics applications, as the go to sensing solution. Due to its simple working principle and ease of manufacturing, capacitive sensors have performed seamlessly in a variety of applications. The chemical industry has widely accepted the capacitive differential pressure cell for measuring the vital parameters like Pressure, Flow and Level. Capacitive sensors are widely used in non-contact type position and proximity sensing applications in automation industry and consumer electronics (touchscreens). Interactive Consumer electronics like Gaming consoles, Smartphones, Tabs and self-driven automobiles make use of reliable Accelerometers and Gyroscopes, most of which work on Capacitive sensing technology. Capacitive type Silicon MEMS Pressure sensors are being preferred due to wide range, high sensitivity, reliability and smaller footprint. More recently, demand for flexible electronics has given rise to flexible capacitive pressure sensors which perform exceedingly well compared to other type of sensors in research.

      However, capacitive sensors are sometimes critically reviewed for their inherent shortcomings like stray and lead capacitances, complex matching circuitry and complex design. To counter above limitations, a graphene-based device is designed in combination with the Double Layer capacitor model. Promising results have been seen opening newer areas of research in Capacitive sensor technology.


ALL ARE WELCOME                                                  


Date(s) - 22/05/2019
2:30 pm - 3:30 pm

Seminar Hall, Dept. of Instrumentation and Applied Physics
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