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                                                 Research Student Presentation

NAME OF THE CANDIDATE         :  Mr. Rajesh. S


DEGREE                                              :  Ph.D.

TITLE OF THE PRESENTATION  :  A simple and cost-effective technique to  

                                                                  analyze blood cells using magnetic



SUPERVISOR                                     :  Prof. Sai Siva Gorthi

DATE & TIME                                    :  Wednesday, 26th September, 2018 @ 3.30 PM.


VENUE                                                 :  Seminar Hall, Dept. of Instrumentation  

                                                                  and Applied Physics



Clinical laboratory testing is employed to diagnose the cause of an ailment and monitor disease prognosis or treatment effectiveness. In the current scenario, diagnostic testing is performed under centralized laboratory conditions with sophisticated automated systems. Automation of diagnostic analysis enables handling larger number of samples. In the developing world, there is an immediate need for making diagnostic testing accessible to the rural population. The devices should possess important features like affordability, automation, miniaturization, cheaper cost per test, less result turnaround time, rapid diagnosis and no skilled personnel required.  Hence these features enable the testing capability at the primary care or community health care level.


The talk focuses on the development of a novel and simple CD4 counting technology using Superparamagnetic Ironoxide Nanoparticles SPIONs. Currently, CD4 cell count tests are performed to monitor the effectiveness of HIV therapy. Antiretroviral Therapy (ART) is the therapy that is available for HIV infected patients, which aids in suppressing HIV viral activity, thereby reducing the ill-effects. The effectiveness of the therapy is monitored by counting the CD4 cells in whole blood. Currently, the CD4 count tests are performed using sophisticated flow cytometers, which works based on conjugation of the target cell with fluorescently tagged antibodies and detecting the target cell in the mixed-cells population in-flow. The test is expensive and currently performed at centralized laboratories. Hence, it is highly inaccessible to patients in rural regions.  To overcome the drawbacks associated with current technology, we have developed a novel method of counting CD4 cells using an automated hematology analyzer and magnetic nanoparticles. This technique has been validated with whole blood samples and compared with commercial instruments.


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Date(s) - 26/09/2018
3:30 pm - 5:00 pm

Seminar Hall, Dept. of Instrumentation and Applied Physics
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