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                                         Research Student Presentation

NAME OF THE CANDIDATE          :  Mr. Piyush Kumar Pandey


DEGREE                                                :  Ph. D

TITLE OF THE PRESENTATION  :  A novel strategy based on optical beam deflection to measure angular motion with ultra-high resolution 


SUPERVISOR                                       :  Prof. G. R. Jayanth

DATE & TIME                                      :  Wednesday, 27th  February, 2019 @ 2.30 PM.

VENUE                                                   :  Seminar Hall, Dept. of Instrumentation 

                                                                        and Applied Physics


      Small-angle measurements on the scale of nano-radians are often needed in metrological applications such as to control the cross-axis motion of the precision linear translation stages, to measure the rotation of a torsion balance used to measure the gravitational constant G, and to measure angular accelerations and displacement of MEMS structures e.g. micro-mirror and cantilever deflection in atomic force microscopes. With multi-point angular motion measurement, mode shapes of MEMS structures and their surface profiles can be obtained.


     In this talk a novel strategy to measure angular motion of any reflective micro or macro scale target will be presented. The measurement strategy exploits optical beam deflection (OBD) technique for measuring angular motion down to nano-radians resolution. In the first part of the talk a motivation will be provided to measure angular motion and subsequently different angle measurement technologies will be introduced. In the second part of the talk the methodology to measure angle with ultra-high resolution utilizing OBD will be described followed by analysis of the theoretical sensitivity and its optimization. In the final part of the talk the validation of the sensitivity by comparing it with simulation results will be reported. Prospective applications of the strategy will also be discussed along with future challenges



                                                        ALL ARE WELCOME


Date(s) - 27/02/2019
2:30 pm - 3:30 pm

Seminar Hall, Dept. of Instrumentation and Applied Physics
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