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Selected Recent Publications:

  1. Bharathi Rajeswaran, L. R. Viannie, K. Rajanna, G. R. Jayanth, A. M. Umarji,"Phase transition induced micromechanical actuation in VO2 coated cantilever", Journal of Applied Physics 124, , 2018,p.074502(1-9).

  2. Puspita Ray, Radhakrishna Vatedka, G. Baishali and K. Rajanna,"Spatial resolution optimization in a THGEM-based UV photon detector", Radiation Detection Technology and Methods 2 (2), 2018,p.39.

  3. P.Ray, Radhakrishna V, Triloki P, Baishali G, Rajanna K, "Influence of substrate heating on optical, morphological and photoemission properties of CsI thin films for imaging application", Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section A: Accelerators, Spectrometers, Detectors and Associated Equipment, 2018, 906. PP:18-21.

  4. Sudeep Joshi, M.M. Nayak and K. Rajanna,"Tailoring Thin-Film Piezoelectrics for Crash Sensing", SMALL, 2018,p.1800608(1-9).

  5. M. S. Manjunath , Nagarjuna Neella , G. Uma , M. Umapathy , M. M. Nayak , K. Rajanna, "Design, fabrication and testing of reduced graphene oxide strain gauge based pressure sensor with increased sensitivity", Microsystem Technologies, 2018, pp:1-13.

  6. Vaishakh Kedambaimoole, Neelotpala Kumar, Vijay Shirhatti, Suresh Nutalapathi, Nagarjuna Neella, K. Rajanna, M.M.Nayak , N.S.Dinesh, "Highly sensitive Graphene-Polyvinyl Alcohol composite film for pulse monitoring", Accepted for European Advanced materials conferenc, 2018,Sweden.

  7. Nagarjuna Neella, Venkateswarlu Gaddam, M.M. Nayak, N.S. Dinesh and K. Rajanna, "Scalable fabrication of highly sensitive flexible temperature sensors based on silver nanoparticles coated reduced graphene oxide nanocomposite thin films", Sensors & Actuators: A. Physical, 2017, 268, PP:173-182.

  8. RR Kumar, V. Gaddam, Manjula Y, Narasimharao K, Rajanna Konandur, "Investigation of growth parameters influence on Au-catalyzed ITO Nanowires by electron beam evaporation method", Nano-Structures & Nano-Objects, 2017, 12, PP:166-173.

  9. "Packaged peristaltic micropump for controlled drug delivery application", Vinayakumar.K.B,Girish Nadiger, Vikas R.Shetty, Nayak.M.M, Dinesh .N.S,and K. Rajanna, REVIEW OF SCIENTIFIC INSTRUMENTS, 88, 2017, p.015102(1-7).

  10. "A hollow stainless steel microneedle array to deliver insulin to a diabetic rat", Vinayakumar.K.B, Kulkarni.P.G, Nayak.M.M, Dinesh .N.S, Hegde .G.M., Ramachandra.S.G. and K.Rajanna, Journal of Micromechanics and Microengineering, 26(6), 2016, p.065013(1-9).

  11. "Fabrication and Nonlinear Thermomechanical Analysis of SU8 Thermal Actuator", Leema Rose Viannie, G. R. Jayanth, V. Radhakrishna, and K.Rajanna, Journal of Microelectromechanical Systems, 25(1), 2016, p.125-133.

  12. "Peristaltic pump-based low range pressure sensor calibration system", K. B. Vinayakumar, G. Naveen Kumar, M.M. Nayak, N. S. Dinesh, and K. Rajanna Review of Scientific Instruments,86(11),(2015), p.115113(1-6).

  13. "Synthesis of ZnO nanorods on a flexible Phynox alloy substrate: influence of growth temperature on their properties", V Gaddam, RR Kumar, M Parmar, M.M. Nayak, K Rajanna,, RSC Advances,5(109),(2015),89985-89992.

  14. "Morphology controlled synthesis of Al doped ZnO nanosheets on Al alloy substrate by low-temperature solution growth method". Venkateswarlu Gaddam, R. Rakesh Kumar, Mitesh Parmar, G. R. Krishna Yaddanapudi, M.M.Nayak and K. Rajanna,RSC Advances,5,(2015),13519-13524.

  15. "Evaluation of polyvinylidene fluoride nasal sensor to assess deviated nasal septum in comparision with peak nasal inspiratory flow measurements". R. G. Manjunatha, K. Rajanna, D. R. Mahapatra, S. Prakash, American journal of Rhinology & Allergy,28(1),(2014),e62-e67.

  16. "Effect of post-deposition annealing on transverse piezoelectric coefficient and vibration sensing performance of ZnO thin films". S. Joshi, M. M. Nayak, K. Rajanna, Applied Surface Science,296,(2014),169-176.

  17. "Evaluation of transverse piezoelectric coefficient of zno thin films deposited on different flexible substrates". A comparative study on the vibration sensing performance, S. Joshi, M. M. Nayak, K. Rajanna, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces,6(10),(2014),7108-7116.

  18. "Low temperature and self catalytic growth of ultrafine ITO nanowires by electron beam evaporation method and their optical and electrical properties". R. Rakesh Kumar, K. Narasimha Rao, K. Rajanna and A. R. Phani, Materials Research Bulletin,52,(2014),167-176.

  19. "Performance study of a cesium iodide photocathode-based UV photon detector in Ar/CH4 mixture" G. Baishali, V. Radhakrishna, V. Koushal, K. Rakhee, K. Rajanna, Photonics Research,2(3),(2014),92-96.

  20. "Fabrication and characterization of gold coated hollow silicon microneedle array for drug delivery".K. B. Vinayakumar, G. M. Hegde, M. M. Nayak, N. S. Dinesh, K. Rajanna, Microelectronic Engineering,128,(2014),12-18.

  21. "Self catalytic growth of indium oxide (In2O3) nanowires by resistive thermal evaporation". R. Rakesh Kumar, K. Narasimha Rao, K. Rajanna and A. R. Phani, Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology,14(7),(2014),5485-5490.

  22. "Low temperature VLS growth of ITO nanowires by electron beam evaporation method". R.R. Kumar, V. Gaddam, K.N. Rao, K. Rajanna, Materials Research Express,1(3),(2014),035008(1-7).

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  • Vaishakh Kedambaimoole,Jian Pavithra B, Manasa, Nagarjuna Neella, M.M.Nayak,K.Rajanna, "HIGHLY SENSITIVE REDUCED GRAPHENE OXIDE-NICKEL COMPOSITE BASED CRYOGENIC TEMPERATURE SENSOR",Indian Provisional Patent Filed, File No: 201841027819.

  • Vijay Shirhatti,Suresh Nuthalapati,Vaishakh Kedambaimoole, Nagarjuna Neella, M.M.Nayak, K.Rajanna, "CAPACITIVE SENSOR AND PROCESS OF PREPARATION THEREOF",Indian Provisional Patent Filed, File No: 201841013832.

  • Nagarjuna Neella,Vaishakh Kedambaimoole, M.M.Nayak, N.S. Dinesh, K.Rajanna, "Reduced Graphene Oxide Nanomaterial Coated Cotton fabric as a heating device and method therefore",International Patent- PCT, Application No: PCT/IB2018/050721.

  • Nagarjuna Neella, Venkateshwarlu Gaddam, M.M.Nayak, N.S. Dinesh, K.Rajanna, "Reduced Graphene Oxide-Silver Nanocomposite Films For Temperature Sensor Application",International Patent- PCT, Application No: PCT/IB2017/052017, International Publication number: WO/2017/17519, International Publication date: 12 October 2017 (12.10.2017).

  • Nagarjuna Neella,Manjunath. M.S, K.Rajanna, M.M.Nayak. "Reduced Graphene Oxide nanosheets based strain sensor for pressure transducers and method therefore",Indian Patent Filed, File No: 201741007404.

  • Nagarjuna Neella, Vaishakh Kedambaimoole, K.Rajanna, M.M.Nayak, N.S. Dinesh, "Reduced Graphene Oxide Nanomaterial Coated Cotton fabric as a heating device and method therefore",Indian Patent Filed, File No: 201741004725.

  • Nagarjuna Neella, Venkateswarlu Gaddam, Veera Pandi N, K.Rajanna, M.M.Nayak, N.S. Dinesh, "Graphene Oxide-Platinum Nanocomposite for Sensor Applications",Indian Patent Filed, File No: 201641031595.

  • Nagarjuna Neella, Venkateshwarlu Gaddam, M.M.Nayak, K.Rajanna, "Reduced Graphene Oxide-Silver Nanocomposite Films For Temperature Sensor Application", Indian Patent Filed, File No: 201641012543.

  • Naveen.G, Vinaya Kumar K.B, K.Rajanna, N.S.Dinesh, M.M.Nayak, "Portable low pressure calibration device", Indian Patent Filed , File No: 6728/CHE/2014.

Media Coverage

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  • Taking the sting off needles" published in the daily newspaper Hindu on Aug 25, 2014, written By Divya Gandhi

  • "Micro Needle That Stings Less" published in The NEW INDIAN EXPRESS. on Aug 24, 2014.

  • "Polyvinylidene Fluoride (PVDF) Sensor" published in The NEW INDIAN EXPRESS.

Recent Submitted Thesis

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Mrs. Leema Rose Viannie

Ph.D Student.
E-mail : roseviannie11@gmail.com

Research Areas: Design, Fabrication And Develpement of SU8 MEMS Microcantilever with Integrated Thin Film Piezoresistive Sensor for Surface Stress Measurement.