Teaching at IISc:

IN214 (Jan-Apr Term)- Semiconductor Devices and Circuits

IN223 - Sensors

UG1- Electronic Circuits

Teaching at the University of Cambridge:

Engineering Tripos IIB 4B21 (Michaelmas Term) - Analog Integrated Circuits

IB Paper 8 (Easter Term)

Course Details

IN214: Semiconductor Devices and Circuits (16 weeks)

Jan-Apr Term

The essence of the course is to train the student to analyze semiconductor devices and predict its circuit performance. Towards the end of the course, the student should be able to design and analyze any custom made semiconductor device.

Course Content

#Quantum Mechanics: Concept of a Wavefunction, Operators, Schrodinger’s Equation, Particle in a Box, Harmonic Oscillator.

#Solid State Physics: Crystal Structures, Wigner Seitz Cell, Bragg’s Law, Reciprocal Lattice Space, Brillouin Zones, Kronig Penny Model.

#Semiconductor Fundamentals: Carriers, Fermi Dirac Distribution, Charge Transport, Carrier Generation and Recombination, Continuity Equation.

#Junctions: Metal-Semiconductor Junctions, p-n junctions, Band-bending, Poisson’s equations, Current’s across a junction.

#Transistors: BJT, JFET, MESFET, MOS capacitors, MOSFETs, Scaling of MOSFETs, Parameter extraction in MOSFETs.

#Disordered Semiconductors: Generalizations to semiconductors having states in the band-gap, TFTs.

#Circuits: MOSFET as a switch, clock feedthrough and charge injection, Voltage Amplifiers


There are two tests that contribute equally to 80% of the score. Students will be allowed to take the test home for 1 week and allowed to use any passive resource - internet, computer programs, commercial softwares, books - to answer the questions. Active sources of information - discussions with others, online forums etc are forbidden. We believe that the students are responsible adults who will maintain their integrity while taking the test.

A panel discussion contributes to the remaining 20% of the score.

Engineering Tripos Part IIB

4B21: Analog Integrated Circuits

Michaelmas (8 Weeks)

Course Content

#MOSFET: Introduction to the Device

# BJT: Introduction to the Device

# Small Signal Parameters

#MOSFET and BJT as a switch, Parasitics

#MOSFET and BJT Single Stage Amplifiers

#Frequency Response

# Differential Amplifiers

# Biasing Circuits, Temperature independent Biasing

# DIfferential Amplifiers with Active Loads

#Noise in Semiconductor Devices, Noise in MOSFETs and BJTs, Noise analysis in Circuits


# Scaling

# RF Circuits

# Nonlinear Circuits

Engineering Tripos Part IB

Paper 8

Easter (8 Weeks)