Workshop on "Prospects of 3D printing for photonic and electronic devices." Click here to register. Deadline: 11:59PM IST, 19th October 2021

Research Interest:

  • Dielectric metasurfaces
  • Active metasurface
  • Liquid plasmonics
  • Energy harvesting
  • Sensors

News and Events

  • Online workshop on "Prospects of 3D printing for photonic and electronic devices" will be organised on 21st and 22nd October 2021. In this workshop, industry experts will demonstrate contemporary 3D printing technologies for micro-optics applications on the first day. On the second day, the experts from academia will speak on the recent advancements in the 3D printing technologies for micro and nanofabrication of photonic and electronic devices.
  • Registration link: Click here.
  • Deadline: 11:59PM IST, 19th October 2021






Welcome to the website of LANSPE!

We are a bunch of enthusiastic young scientists working in the field of nanofabrication of flexible and stretchable electronics and photonics device for varieties of applications!! Our main interest lies in fabricating devices that has a strong industrial applications. We are always happy to collaborate and discuss on potential problems to find a possible solutions which could be both scientifically and industrially interesting!! For more details please visit our research section!

Who can be a part of it:

We welcome people to collaborate with us who has a strong interest in the physics of nanostructures from fundamental science perspective and in fabricating such devices!! We are interested to collaborate with the industries for specific projects in the fields of health care, diffractive optics and energy harvesting!! Interested PhD and Master students can directly send us mail in tapajyoti@iisc.ac.in. A strong background or the zeal to learn in the field of photonics and nanofabrications is expected!!

We acknowledge the funding of:

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