Ph.D. Thesis Colloquium

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Ph.D. Thesis Colloquium

NAME OF THE CANDIDATE        :   Ms. Shweta Pant

 DEGREE                                              :   Ph.D

 TITLE OF THE THESIS                    :   Design and Development of Novel Fiber  

                                                                     Bragg Grating based devices for various

                                                                     Biomedical applications

 SUPERVISORS                                    :    Prof. S. Asokan

 DATE & TIME                                     :   Monday, 23rd December, 2019 at 11.00 am
VENUE                                                  :   Seminar Hall, Dept. of Instrumentation and

                                                                     Applied Physics.


  In this thesis work, Fiber Bragg Grating sensor-based devices have been designed and developed for newer applications in bio-medical sector. The aim is to develop novel devices which will aid the medical fraternity and researchers for better understanding of human physiology.  Moreover, the research work carried out can facilitate medical fraternity to diagnose the disorders/ailment at an early stage.

In the field of Orthopedics, FBG based Gait Analysis System (FBG GAS) is developed which essentially consists two novel, wearable, non-invasive devices i.e. Knee Angular Measurement Device (KAMD) and Forefoot load Measurement Device (FLMD). KAMD is capable of dynamic acquisition of knee angular motion during locomotion and FLMD is a footwear integrated with in sole FBG sensor assembly which can effectively monitor the load imparted by the forefoot during locomotion. The gait posture of a subject during locomotion has been evaluated using FBG GAS. Furthermore, FBG GAS is also utilized to study the kinetics and kinematics involved in lower body extremities during the landing phase of leaps.

In the field of Cardiology, a novel, non-invasive FBG pulse pressure acquiring device is developed which possess the capability to acquire the beat-to-beat pulse pressure waveform of the subject. The developed device works on plethysmography principle which acquires the circumferential expansion of the finger with respect to each cardiac cycle. This expansion is an indicator of the volumetric variations of blood flowing inside the arteries of the finger through which the pulse pressure waveform is obtained and analyzed to assess the cardiovascular status of the person.


Further, in the field of ophthalmology and neuroscience, a novel FBG based eye tracker is devised which can potentially be used to monitor the movements of the eyeball of a person along two dimensions. The FBG eye tracker is utilized to monitor the saccades of the person which is compared with a commercial ISCAN system and is found to be in good agreement with each other.


In addition, in the field of dentistry, a FBG-based temperature sensor is utilized to monitor the temperature rise of the pulp chamber of the human tooth during photopolymerization of   composite resins. Further, the increase in pulp chamber temperature during the polymerization with varying depth of cavity along with different light curing units has been evaluated, in order to assess the potential hazard posed by the tooth cavity filling procedure towards the pulp tissue.



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Date(s) - 23/12/2019
11:00 am - 12:15 pm

Seminar Hall, Dept. of Instrumentation and Applied Physics
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