C M Chandrashekar

Adjunct Faculty





Research Interests

Chandrashekar’s research interest are broadly in the area of quantum information processing and quantum computation. On the theoretical side, his group works on  developing quantum algorithms and protocols for quantum simulation on near term quantum hardware, quantum communication protocols, quantum network and probing the dynamics of quantum information. On the experimental side his group works on engineering single and entangled states of photon engineering for various quantum information processing applications.

Biographical Sketch

Chandrashekar is a graduate from National Collage (Jayanagar), Bangalore university (B.Sc) and and after graduation he moved to University of Oxford on Rhodes Scholarship in the year 2002. At Oxford he worked on Experimental Bose-Einstein condensates for slightly over two years  and moved to Institute for Quantum Computing / Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics, Canada (University of Waterloo).  At Waterloo he worked on theoretical problems in the field of quantum information theory and quantum computation and obtained PhD. in the year 2009.  After completing his  his postdoctoral tenure at Ireland and Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology, Japan he moved The Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Chennai as faculty member (2015 – ).  He is also recipient of  Ramanujan Fellowship (2015) and an affiliate member at the Institute for Quantum Computing, Canada.  Starting from early 2021 he has setup a quantum optics and quantum information processing laboratory at dept. of IAP and working on both, theoretical and experimental problems in the field of quantum information processing and quantum computation. He is also interesting in foundations of quantum mechanics.


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