Ramgopal. S

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Ramgopal. S Principal Research Scientist

email: gopal[at]isu.iisc.ernet.in
phone: +91-080-229 2274

Academic Background:

  • M Sc Engg (IISc)

Areas of interest:

  • Electronic Instrumentation
  • PC Based Instrumentation
  • Embedded System Design
  • Application Software for Embedded Systems using C Language


  • IN-222 Microcontrollers & Applications

Professional Profile:

  • An electronics & embedded systems expert with in depth understanding of the entire SDLC andskills in C, C++, Java and Assembly programming languages.
  • Have significantly contributed in the completion of a host of projects in embedded sytems involving diagnostics, systems integration, device drivers and RTOS usage for designing embedded software.

Key Responsibilities Handled:

  • Imparted training and coordinating teaching programs in Electronic Instrumentation, Software Engineering, Programming Languages, Data Structures and Algorithms, Object Oriented Technologies, Embedded Systems Programming, Web Technologies & Distributed Computing.
  • Conducted Developmental activities including development of Hardware modules and software design and development components for various functionalities.
  • Served as a Faculty for various short-term courses.
  • Executed numerous projects sponsored by Govt. agencies, Industries and Funding agencies.
  • Designed and developed short term intensive training programme on “Design of  embedded systems using microcontrllers”.

Key R&D Projects Executed:

  • PC based X-Y-T plotter in C/Graphics.
  • Micro liter liquid dispensing unit in C.
  • Neural network based temperature controller in C.
  • Automatic Digital IC tester. (Embedded software)
  • Compressor blade tip clearance measuring unit in C++.
  • Resonance Identification System for Aircraft Structures in C.
  • Distributed Data Acquisition System, a client server approach in Java.
  • Digital signal processing Tutorial and a Digital Filter Designer using web based Technologies.
  • An instrument network using CAN.
  • IRIS identification system

Key Software Development Projects executed:

As Project Investigator, guided the design and development of systems viz.

  • Speech synthesizer development and associated training modules for the visually handicapped
  • Design and development of a Braille embosser. Received the Technology Award from the Ministry of Welfare by the President of India in 1994.
  • Development of a Hand held Braille short hand machine.
  • Design of embedded controller based Cash register.
  • Development  of soil testing machine.

As Technical Consultant:

  • As Technical Consultant for an Online Transaction Processing application with over 350 POS, featuring many business critical parameters and modules such as a database, heterogeneous connectivity to terminals, on-line results display with periodic updates, client side validations, server side validations, transaction tracking, business logic implementation, cash flow management etc. The total system has many performance criteria such as data integrity, response time, scalability, and redundancy of stable storage, recovery and rollback features and web enabling for remote clients.

Completed projects :

  • Development  of strip cutter
  • Development  of  micoliter  distpenser
  • Ellectronic  modules  for barille master  suitable for braille press.


  • Technical Expert for the Karnataka State Council of Science and Technology.
  • Member of Expert Panel for Mysore University/VIT for Master of Engineering Programs.
  • Member   instrument society of  india
  • Member  Board of studies VTU.