Advanced Nano/Micro Systems (In 212 (Jan) 3:0)

Introduction and fundamental techniques of nano/micro fabrication technology, electron and ion optics and interactions, techniques for layer depositions: epitaxy, doping, pattern generation, nano-manipulation (AFM and DIP pen lithography), nano-imprint lithography, stamping technique, thin film technology, physical properties of NEMS and MEMS devices: Coulomb blockade, single electron tunneling, quantized electrostatic actuation, Casimir effect, quantization of electrical conduction, electronic and photonic band gap crystals, quantum resonance tunneling and interference, limits to nanofabrication, carbon nanotubes and graphene for MEMS applications.

Wave propagation in periodic media (In 210 (Jan) 3:0)

Theory of one, two and three dimensional lattices, energy velocity, energy flow, characteristics impedance, Kronig-Penny and tight binding models of crystals, wave propagation in nonlinear structures, transmission and reflection of electromagnetic waves on an interface, grating theory, multi-dimensional phononic and photonic crystals, materials and techniques of fabrication, nature inspired periodic structures, device applications.

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