Nanobioimaging lab peruses both fundamental and applied research in the broad area of Applied Physics and Biophysics. This research areas include, Single Molecule Physics and Biology, Light Sheet Microscopy, Optical Traps, Super-resolution Microscopy, Nano Fluidics and Devices, Optical microscopy, Fluorescence microscopy, Ultrafast imaging, Imaging Cytometry and Multi-dimensional image reconstruction. The research work is focused on the development of optical microscopes that is capable of spatio-temporal super-resolution and optical systems design. The lab is actively engaged in developing new optical imaging techniques based on single molecules and Light-sheets for applications in physical and biological sciences. Some of the ongoing techniques include: Optical Super-Resolution Microscopy, Optical Tweezers for Cell Biophysics, Light Sheet Imaging Cytometry – LIVE, Nanolithography and Nano-fluidics, iLIFE Imaging Cytometry – Imaging on the go, Disease Biology (Dengue, Influenza and Cancer). The main thrust is to develop and extend these advanced techniques for applications in Fundamental Physics and Biology.