Micro-supercapacitor Devices

Our studies on supercapacitor are mainly focused on large area printing for high energy density with self-powering capability. We have developed spray coating method for printing supercapacitors on any surface with large number of integration. Light sensitive supercapacitors paved way to fabricate self-powered supercapacitors. We exploit dynamics of charge transport to improve efficiency of self-powered supercapacitors. Carbon materials are cheap and abundantly available source to be utilized largely on these applications, hence we focus to modify multidimensional allotropes of carbon. Through our research we have established novel paradigms in this field. We develop energy storage micro-devices that are compatible with the goal to miniaturized any electronic system with embedded micro-energy storage device. We have achieved an efficient system with high energy density at small scale device configuration. We explore to develop compact supercapacitors. We provide facility for both micro fabrication clean room facility and sophisticated measurements.

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