Nanoelectronics and Optoelectronics for Electronic Nose

In this area, we are exploiting interfacial properties of two-dimensional and one-dimensional interfaces of various heterostructures. Our aim is to fabricate highly sensitive sensing platform for the detection of multiple gases for the air pollution monitoring. In this process we use several algorithms to integrate sensors at room temperature. We were able to successfully integrate sensor for the detection of compressed natural gas (CNG) in collaboration with Gas Authority of India Limited (GAIL). These compact room temperature sensors are applicable to detect leakage of gas in house-hold, manufacturing and storage units, transport pipelines etc. We built a microscopic platform of field effect transistors (FET) for the large array of electronic sensors to mimic neurons in the olfactory system for the detection of multiple gases present in the environment. Machine learning algorithms are implemented for the large data analysis. The laboratory has unique facility to create an environment where molecular detection of various gases is possible upto parts per trillion scale.

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