Optics and Microfluidics Instrumentation (OMI) Lab

                        Department of Instrumentation and Applied Physics
                                                          Indian Institute of Science (IISc)

Opto-Fluidics, Biomedical Instrumentation

Indigeneous development of affordable Flow Cytometers & Imaging Flow Cytometers; Non-contact 3-D shape measurement of Cells

Opto-Fluidics is the synergistic combination of optics and microfluidics to yield novel functionalities. It offers a unique platform which enables rapid, high-throughput single-cell manipulation and analysis in a controlled micro-environment. It has also enabled the creation of adaptive optical elements like tunable lenses etc., which cannot easily be fabricated using conventional techniques.

Microfluidics, Lab-On-Chip

Point-of-Care Diagnostics, Lab-on-a-Chip, Imaging Flow Cytometry, High-throughput Phenotyping and Sorting, Disposable Microfluidics

The term lab-on-chip (LOC) refers to the miniaturization of one or several highly sophisticated laboratory process into a single chip (few centimeters in size). The ability to perform complicated reactions/assays on a single chip has enabled the creation of point-of care diagnostic devices. LOC based organ-on-chip devices have enabled the study of behavioral response of organs to certain drugs.

Optical Metrology

Interferometry, Digital Holography, Fringe Projection Analysis, Digital Holographic Microscopy, Quantitative Phase Imaging, Non-destructive Testing, Time Evolution Studies, Fiber-optic Sensors

Optical metrology encompasses a wide range of non-contact optical measurement techniques like digital holography, interferometry, Fringe projection etc. The use of these techniques has become indispensable to a wide range of industries like aerospace (non-destructive testing and evaluation), microelectronics, medical imaging. These techniques are capable of identifying and measuring defects with sub-micron resolution.

Computational Imaging Flow Cytometry

Computational Imaging, Video analysis for Cytometry, Fringe Analysis, Deconvolution, Super-resolution, Real-time Processing

Imaging flow cytometry combines high statistical power of standard flow cytometry with the spatial resolution and quantitative morphology of digital microscopy. With the application of this technique it is possible to image up to a million cells within few minutes. When used in conjunction with computational imaging, flow cytometry can not only capture the 2D morphology of cells, but also reveal multitude of cellular parameters like 3D morphology etc.

Microfluidic Nanotechnology

Nanotechnology, Microfluidics, Chemical sensing, Surface functionalization, Size controlled synthesis.

Microfluidic Nanotechnology enhances the potentials of nanotechnology with the augmentation of microfluidics. The technology helps in precise size-controlled synthesis of various organic and in-organic nanoparticles which has manifold of applications like microliter chemical analyte sensing.

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