Optics and Microfluidics Instrumentation (OMI) Lab

                        Department of Instrumentation and Applied Physics
                                                          Indian Institute of Science (IISc)


Subject code Credit Syllabus References
Microfluidic Devices & Applications IN 268(AUG) 2:1 Basic principles in microfluidics, design principles for microfluidic devices, device fabrication procedures, (such as optical lithography and soft lithography), components of microfluidic devices (micro-pump, mixers, lenses, valves, heaters, sensors, etc.,) utility of microfluidic devices in various biological, chemical and optical sensing applications, opto-fluidics, Inertial-microfluidics, droplet-microfluidics, microfluidics based-flow cytometry. This course also provides hands onexperience in the design, fabrication and characterization of Lab-on-achips or point-of care testing devices.
  • Micro- and Nano-scale Fluid Mechanics: Transport in Microfluidic Devices" by Brian J. Kirby.
  • Introduction to Microfluidics" by Patric Tabeling.
  • Fundamentals and Applications of Microfluidics" by Nam-Trung Nguyen and Steven T. Wereley.
  • Biological Applications of Microfluidics edited by Frank A. Gomez.
  • Theoretical Microfluidics” by Henrik Bruus.
Optical Metrology IN 244(JAN) 2:1 Fundamentals of Optics: Ray Optics, Wave Propagation, Diffraction,Refraction, Intereference, Polarization, Coherence, Fourier Optics,ATF, OTF and MTF for Imaging Systems.
Dimensional Metrology: Pinhole Camera Model, Camera Calibration,Laser Triangulation, Structured Illumination Techniques, Fringe Analysis, Phase Unwrapping, System Calibration Techniques.Various Interferometry: Interferometric Techniques such as Michelson, Mach-Zehnder,Fabry-Pérot, Holographic, Speckle, Moiré, VISAR and Common Path Interferometry.
Metrology with Optical Microscopy: Basics of Microscopy, 2-D and 3-Dmeasurements, Optical Sectioning, Super-resolution, Surface Profiling and Quantitative Phase Imaging.
This course also aims at providing hands-on experience for important representative experimental techniques such as Michelson Interferometry, 4-f System, digital holography, fringe projection profilometry and quantitative phase imaging in microscopy.
  • Introduction to Fourier Optics by Joseph W.Goodman, Roberts and Company, 3rd edition,2005
  • Fundamentals of Photonics by B.E.A. Saleh and M.C.Teich,Wily 2nd edition,2013
  • Optical Metrolog by Kjell J.Gasvik,Wily 3rd edition, 2002
  • Quantitative Phase Imaging of Cells and Tissues by Gabriel Popescue,M.C.Graw Hill Professional 1st edition, 2011