About us

We are a group of people actively working on Nano Photonics and stretchable electronics.In Photonics,we mainly study the effect of light interaction with subwavelength features and utilize these for imaging purposes.Our main focus includes metalenses and Liquid metal thin surface.

In electronics,we study the Mechanoelectric and thermoelectric properties of liquid metal deposited on Stetchable substrates.We utilize these for applications in Soft electronics and various sensors. 

Latest News
  • 10 March 2024

Recently, Alwarsamy Ramaswamy,Post doc from our lab,  , joined as Product engineer at Seimens.Congratulations and good luck on your future endeavours Alwar!!

  • 22 Feb 2024

Lanspe has published its first paper “Single-step fabrication of liquid gallium nanoparticles via capillary interaction for dynamic structural colours” in Nature Nanotechnology.[link]

  • 4 Jan 2024

Our lab member, Gayatri Subhalaxmi, joined PhD in MEMS department at IIT Bombay.Congratulations Gayatri!

  • 18 Nov 2023

To connect industry with academia for Joint research and job oppurtunities,Industry conclave took place at our department. 

  • 22 Sept 2023

Our Post Doc Student,Alwar samy Ramasamy,gave a talk on “Surface energy enhanced wetting of liquid metal nanodroplets for stretchable electronics applications” as part of IAP seminar series.

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