Research Interest:

  • Dielectric metasurfaces
  • Active metasurface
  • Liquid plasmonics
  • Energy harvesting
  • Sensors






Our Objective and interest

At the heart of our research we find interest in finding new ways of material processing and complex device architecture to fabricate and design scalable unconventional devices for wearable applications!! We are interested in fabricating large scale or mass produce such nanodevices. To achieve these goals two major approaches are taken- (1) nanoimprinting technique of sol-gel, polymer or elastomer films and then followed by thin film deposition of desired active material tofabricate photonic or electronic devices. (2) The other not much explored but emerging technique is in incorporation of multi-materials inside kms long fibers via thermal drawing of elastomer and polymer fibers. Using such techniques, we are interestd to propose new solutions in different field particularly in the domain of heath cares, energy harvesting, storage and sensing!!