The Department

The Department of Instrumentation and Applied Physics falls under the Division of Physical and Mathematical Sciences and the Faculty of Engineering. The Department was established in the year of 1996.

The Department pursues a wide area of interdisciplinary research activities in the broad domain of applied physics, and provides post-graduate degrees (Masters in Technology, Masters in Science and Doctorate) in this area. Having spinned-off 3 startups in the recent past, the department is making a dent in creating a social impact.

The core research areas pursued in the department encompass amorphous semiconductors, phase change memories, fibre optic sensors, nanometrology and precision motion control, nanoscience, super resolution microscopy, nanolithography, biophysics, cell biology, imaging cytometry, optical traps, sensors, nanostructured materials, vacuum and thin-film technology, plasma science and technology, semiconductor devices and integrated circuits, flexible electronic systems, optofluidics, biomedical instrumentation, microfluidics and lab-on-a-chip, optical metrology, nanoscale device physics and electron transport, quantum computation using superconducting circuits and more.

For further details, see the faculty profiles and research pages.

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