Ph.D Programme

Ph.D candidates with M.Sc, B.E/B.Tech or equivalent degrees are required to take 24 credits while those with M.Tech or equivalent degrees are required to take 12 credits of course work (not restricted to the Department).

MTech Program in Instrument Technology

Duration: 2 Years

Core courses 21 credits
Electives 24 credits
Project 19 credits


Core (21 Credits)

18 credits from the pool below + one 3 credit Mathematics course approved by the Department

IN 214 2:1 Semiconductor Devices and Circuits

IN 227 3:0 Control System Design

IN 229 3:0 Advanced Instrumentation and Electronics

IN 224 3:0 Nanoscience and Device Fabrication

IN 232 3:0 Concepts in Solid State Physics

IN 244 2:1 Optical Metrology

IN 221 3:0 Sensors and Transducers-1

IN 222 2:1 Sensors and Transducers-2

IN 267 3:0 Fluorescence Microscopy and Imaging

IN 270 3:0 Digital Signal Processing

IN 302 3:0 Classical and Quantum Optics


Electives: The balance of 24 credits required to make up a minimum of 64 credits for completing the M Tech Programme.*

IN 201 3:0 Analytical Instrumentation

IN 223 3:0 Advanced Signal Processing

IN 234 3:0 Biomedical Optics and Spectroscopy

IN 266 3:0 Introduction to Quantum Measurement and Control

IN 268 2:1 Microfluidic Devices and Applications

IN 271 3:0 Cryogenic Instrumentation and Applications


* Elective courses are left to students’ choice. Students can also take courses from other Departments. This would necessarily be the case when the number of electives on offer in the Department in a particular academic year cannot meet the credit requirement of 24 credits.


Dissertation Project

IN 299 0:19 Dissertation Project


All newly joined students are requested to contact the department office to know more about the course registration procedure.

NOTE: Elective courses may not necessarily be offered in a particular semester. We suggest all the students to confirm with the course instructor(s) before course registration.

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