Research Areas

Applied Photonics


Optical and ultrasound-assisted optical tomography, quantitative flow diagnosis of high-speed and turbulent flows, reconstruction strategies for diffuse optical-,photo-acoustic and diffuse correlation tomography, fiber optics, lasers, thermal wave spectroscopy, fiber Bragg grating sensors, all optical switching, photoconductivity studies, single photon sources and detectors in the microwave regime.

Microscopy and Nanoscale Imaging

Scanning probe microscopy, fluorescence microscopy, atomic force microscopy, multiphoton microscopy, nanoscopy, 3D nano metrology, point spread function, multidimensional imaging and reconstruction, nano manipulation, super-resolution imaging, confocal microscopy, photophysics, functional fluorescent nanoparticles, nanomechanical properties of biological samples, bioinstrumentation and bioimaging, magnetic tweezers.

Materials Research

Material Science and Engineering

Novel semiconductors, chalcogenide based phase change memory materials for data storage and optical materials for integrated optics, nano-materials, two dimensional materials, meta-materials, mechanics of nanostructures, mass spectrometry, self-assembly, device physics, mitigating losses in superconducting circuits for use in quantum computation, thin film piezoelectric materials for use in hybrid quantum devices.

Surface Engineering

Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) and chemical vapor deposition (CVD), plasma enhanced CVD, ion plating techniques, thin film growth mechanism and correlation between structure and property, hard coatings, Plasma surface modification.

Integrated Systems

Integrated Systems and Electronics

Integrated Circuits, Micro-electro-mechanical-systems (MEMS), semiconductor device physics, electronics on flexible substrates, ink-jet printed electronics, piezoelectric sensors, optical fiber based sensing and instrumentation, electro-magnetics, scalable architecture for quantum computation with superconducting circuits.

System Design and Instrumentation

Design and development of measurement systems eg. precision (nm) motion control, optics based stress sensing systems, mass spectrometry etc. machine design and FEM analysis.

Energy and Environment

Energy Systems

Thin film batteries, general principles of energy harvesting, solar photovoltaic, thermoelectric, piezoelectric, novel solutions for energy storage, low power system design.

Environment and Urban Solutions

Water desalination and purification, carbon capture.


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