Open Day 2024



Lab Name


 Advanced Nanostructures for Photonics and Electronics Lab

Demo1: Tunable structural coloration- Explore the varieties of colored samples and the change they undergo as you stretch, squeeze or bend them.

Demo2: Tiny lens- Focusing through tiny meta lens.

 Flexible electronics lab

Demo: Tesla Coil

Poster: Flexible electronics

 Quantum Technology lab

Demo: Parametric oscillator

 Optics and Microfluidics Instrumentation lab 

Demo: Stereovision- experiencing the science behind 3D vision.

Poster: Lab-on-a-chip (Point of care diagnostic devices).

 Micro and Nano systems lab 

Demo: Models of capacitor to supercapacitor

Poster: Self Powered Supercapacitor for energy storage

 Nano tech lab

Demo: Showcasing of different colloidal quantum dots under UV excitation

Poster: Synthesis and application of quantum dots

 Nano bioimaging lab

Poster: Light Sheet Microscopy and Super Resolution Microscopy: Overview and Applications

 Nano Meterology lab

Demo1: Atomic force microscope with optical beam-based measurement system

Demo2: Linear feedback controller

Poster: Magnetic levitation

 Fibre Bragg Grating lab

Demo1: FBG based hydrophone for underwater acoustic sensing.

Demo2: FBG based pulse monitoring system.


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