Partha Pratim Mondal


+91-80-2293 3192


Research Interests

Partha’s research interests include super-resolution microscopy, nanofluidics, Imaging cytometry, nanolithography, light sheet techniques, fluorescence Imaging, optical traps, single molecule imaging, and nano-biophysics.

Biographical Sketch

Partha Pratim Mondal obtained his Ph.D from Indian Institute of Science Bangalore. He was employed as a postdoctoral research fellow at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge USA, International Centre for Theoretical Sciences, Trieste, Italy and University of Genova, Italy. He joined the Department of Instrumentation and Applied Physics, IISc in 2010 as an Assistant Professor, where he is currently as a Professor.

Classic Publications

  1. Integrated Light-sheet imaging and flow-based enquiry (iLIFE) system for 3D in-vivo imaging of multicellular organism.Applied Physics Letters 111, (2017).
  2. Total internal reflection fluorescence based multiplane localization microscopy enables super-resolved volume imaging.Applied Physics Letters 110, 211102 (2017).
  3. Spatial Filter Based Light-Sheet Laser Interference Technique for 3D Nanolithography
    Applied Physics Letters 106, 083112 (2015).
  4. Limited View Light Sheet Microscopy for Three Dimensional Volume Imaging
    Applied Physics Letters 107, 263701 (2015).
  5. Image reconstruction enables high resolution imaging at large penetration depths in fluorescence microscopy. Applied Physics Letters 103, 173703 (2013).
  6. Taylor Series Expansion based Multidimensional Image Reconstruction for Confocal and 4pi Super-resolution Microscopy. Applied Physics Letters 103 , 073702 (2013).
  7. Generation of Extended Light Sheet for Single and Multi- Photon Fluorescence Microscopy
    Applied Physics Letters 103, 043701 (2013).
  8. Photobleaching Reduced Fluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy. Applied Physics Letters 97, 103704 (2010).
  9. Multi-photon Induced Cubic-to-Quartet Intensity Dependent Transition of Anti-Stoke Raman Signal, Applied Physics Letters, 94, 103901 (2009).
  10. Plasmon Enhanced Fluorescence Microscopy Below Quantum Noise Limit With Reduced Photobleaching Effect, Applied Physics letters , 93, 093901 (2008).



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